Mr. Copy is hiring!

You should apply if you:

1)   Insist on delivering only the highest quality products;

2)   Work at an incredibly fast pace and can handle multiple tasks simultaneously;

3)   Appreciate working with dedicated, professional, motivated people who intend to provide great products, great prices, and incredible service!

4)   You have worked in a commercial copy environment or an in-house print shop for two of the last five years. (see bonus offer below if you are currently employed at one of our competitors).

We are looking for someone with quick-copy or quick-print experience to join our team.  Qualified applicants must have prior experience (prefer current employment in the field) in production or retail printing/copying environments.

Our goal is to be the best:

  *   We intend to offer the best customer service (with our outstanding people).
  *  The fastest turnaround at an incredible price (with our policies geared towards fast turnaround and a high level of customer service)
  *  The best product, without question (our people and our equipment)

We would like to hear from applicants who meet the following qualifications:

Prefer you be available to work a full forty hour weeks.

Software Experience
Must have working knowledge of Microsoft Office products as it relates to a output functions within a production printing environment.
Working knowledge of Adobe Acrobat PDFs, postscript, and printing functions. Advanced knowledge of Adobe Acrobat would be helpful.
Skills with figuring out the best way to run a job for maximum efficiency and quality.

Comb and coil binding.
  Three hole drill.  Mid-side and high-speed b/w equipment. 
Color copiers and printers.
Knowledge of Fiery Command Workstation software a plus!

Most of all we need someone who enjoys working with the public and solving problems. Someone who has a competitive spirit and a dedication to providing the very best product possible in a while-you-wait environment (we jump through hoops for our customers).  Qualified applicants must be proud of their work product.

Strong Work Ethic
We require a dedication to excellence and concern for our customers' needs.
We expect due consideration to co-workers, a team-oriented approach to excellence, and a continual pursuit of perfection in our products.


Applicants who fit the above profile and have suitable work experience are invited to apply in confidence by sending an electronic resume (Word or PDF) to:

Please include detailed work history including both software, equipment, and customer-service details.   Also include any schedule limitations on availability. Please allow one week for a reply.


BONUS OFFER:  If you are currently working in the commercial copy or print industry AND have experience of 2 or more years in your current position, you may qualify for our $500 sign-on bonus. If you meet this work qualification, be sure to include this information in your cover letter.

We will not contact your references or prior employers without your consent.