We will break from our normal icore routine and try an expedited system this summer.  If you wish to use our services for icore, you DO NOT need to pre-register and you DO NOT need an appointment.  You will simply submit your files for printing and binding when you finish your case.

We will be open from 9am until 11pm on Wednesday, April 18th.   We will re-open at 8am on Wednesday morning. 

We will print your entire case (main case and four subcases) and bind all five books for a fixed price of $90.    If you need to make any changes to any of the books the charges will be as follows:
Reprint an ENTIRE SUBCASE and bind: $10
Reprint the ENTIRE MAIN CASE and bind: $30 (you may do this as many times as needed)

Partial Reprints, where needed:
Print up to 5 pages and rebind a book:  $8
Print over 5 pages from a single book and rebind:  $8 plus $1/page over 5.
You will receive instructions on how to name and submit correction files when you pick up your case.

We print on 70# text weight stock.  We will print single- or double-sided, but you MUST specify the format in your file name.   Single-sided files must have a 1X in the file name.  Double-sided files must have a 2X in the filename.  (Example:  Team 199 Main Case 2X ~~ this would tell us your team number, which file we’re printing, and that you want it printed double-sided).  Once you submit your file we will print the entire file, bind it, and reply to your email when the case is ready.   If you fail to specify how we are to format your case (1X or 2X in the filename) it will go into a holding pattern.

Teams will submit their case electronically via email or dropbox (email us for the dropbox link – see instructions below).  Your bound case will be ready two hours after you submit it – provided you named it per the instructions below. If you submit after 9pm on Tuesday evening it will be ready on Wednesday morning.

There are no deadlines for printing icore cases.  We understand how important it is for you to get your case turned in on time and we will do our part.  Just follow our guidelines on preparing your files and naming them, and everything will go smoothly. Any case submitted after 11pm on Tuesday night will be ready for pickup at 8:30am on Wednesday morning. If you submit after 11pm on Wednesday, do not wait to hear from us and simply come pick up your books on Wednesday morning.

To qualify for this pricing, you must follow our procedures in submitting your files, picking up your order, and submitting corrections, if needed.

FIRST, you need to understand this is an entirely remote procedure.  You will submit your files via email. When your case is ready, you will send one person down to pick up your case and pay. Your team will not be working here and will not be reviewing the case here.

PAYMENT must be made in a single transaction in CASH ($96.30 for your full printing) or using a single credit card.  We will not split the purchase to multiple cards.

We highly recommend you print a b/w proof copy at the library using your IU print credits.  Most teams that do this notice errors in their case and are able to correct they before they pay us to print the case. If you plan on printing two-sided, then do so at the library, too.  You’ll want to see what is on the front of a page and what is on the back.

Binding last semester was done as COMB binding.  We will use this binding unless instructed to do a different format. If you wish to use anything other than comb binding, please have it approved by your icore faculty before you submit your print order.  You will need to stop in our store and register for any other type of binding before you submit your case.

Design your document with adequate borders for binding (1/2” on the binding edge minimum). Printers do not go to the edge of the sheet, so don’t use design elements that go to the edge. Keep all printed items at least ¼” away from the non-binding edge).  You may use as much ink as you want. Graphics should be 300 dpi.  Be very careful about downloading images from web pages – they tend to be low resolution and not print well.  You can print a test page at IU to find out if you have a good image or not.

When you are ready to print you may email your files (up to 3 megs per file) OR you may use our dropbox site (see instructions below) to upload your files. dropbox is faster!  Just follow these steps when you are ready to upload:

1)      Verify someone has gone thru the PDF to check all the pages. Name your cases with your team number in the filename (example:  “TEAM 142 MARKETING 1X.PDF”).  If you send your case without a team number in the name it will not be processed. If you send your file without specifying 1X or 2X (one- or two-sided printing) it will not be processed.

2)      Print a b/w test copy at IU, if possible. You may save time and money doing this.

3)      Submit your files via email (up to 3 megs per file) or FTP for larger files. You cannot make changes once your file has been submitted.  We often enter files in the print queue within a minute of receiving them.  Once in the queue, they cannot be stopped or cancelled. Be sure you have finished your review before you submit your case!

4)      Two hours after you submit your case, send one person to our store to pay the bill and pick up your case.  Your team does not come to the store and we do not allow teams to meet here. Our lobby is closed during icore.

5)      Once your team member picks up the case and returns to your work site, if you determine corrections are needed, there will be instructions on how to order corrections included in your file.

FTP – This is the fastest way to get your case to us and we recommend using this method.  To get our FTP address, send an email to   You’ll get an automated reply with our dropbox link.  Just click the link and drop your files in our folder.  Then reply to the email with your TEAM NUMBER in the subject line so we know you have submitted files and so that we have a way to reach you.

Thanks, and good luck with icore.  We have very light printing loads during summer icore, so you do not need to worry about our print capacity.  We will have plenty of time to get every case printed, even if it rolls into Wednesday  morning.


Two-sided printing information.   .  For those teams who want to print two-sided, please follow the procedures below:

1)      You must label your file with the 2X for it to print two-sided (example:  Team 164 Marketing 2X” tells us your team number, that this is your marketing subcase, and that you want two-sided printing.

2)      Prepare your file and print a test copy at IU in black-and-white.  Find a printer that lets you print double-sided.

3)      The printer will take your file. Page one will be the front cover. Page two will be the back of the front cover.  Page three will be the front of the second sheet, and so forth.  It is your responsibility to check your entire document for duplexing layout.  Make sure you know what will be a front and what will be a back and you are happy with the layout you have created.